martedì 26 febbraio 2008

Visionary... cafe at the Palazzo delle Espozizione, Rome

Please note the 3d glasses

The Great Orator... Rome

So long...

Blue skyline... Florence

French tv... Ibis Paris

Making the best of a sick layover in Paris

Go Couchsurf... Rome

Travel the world and lodge for free with some of these fun people... 
Seriously, do it :

Poster... Rome

All Roman posters turn funny or sinister at some point...

Donatello's David in critical condition... Florence

glowing uncomfortable lady... Colosseum, Rome

I wish she hadn't removed her great black sunglasses, I should have yelled at her.

gittin' goin'

Here's what's what; in Rome anyway.

venerdì 25 gennaio 2008


I plan to use this site as a treasury for images I take and find of things and people that are above all else, cool. I plan to get to work as soon as my camera is charged.